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Book Cover- Victorian Richmond Hill
Additional Grants for Publication from: The Department of Cultural Affairs, NYC, The Richmond Hill Savings Bank, The Columbia Savings and Loan Assoc., Consolidated Edison Company of NY

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About the book 'Victorian Richmond Hill'

Victorian Richmond Hill is a book published by The Richmond Hill Chapter of The Queens Historical Society ©1980. This book not just highlights what was but also what is still here in Richmond Hill. The historic homes appearing in this publication reflect what was the old Richmond Hill, an area of Queens, which became a part of New York City in 1897-98. Today some of the area is considered Kew Gardens but it all began life as part of Richmond Hill. The community owes a great debt to the dedicated volunteers of the Richmond Hill Chapter- (Researchers) Kay Carpenter, Lina Cugno, Rita Gambardella, Margaret Jeselnik, Grace Stark and the membership in general who made this publication possible. Many thanks to the Flanagans- (Editor) Mary, (Office Duties) Richard, Monica, Richard Jr., Matthew, Megan and Justin. Also assistance was given from the Cultural Council Foundation Artists Project, with Blaise Tobia- Photographer, and Elizabeth Pollock- Associate Art Director of the Publication. This book can be found at the Richmond Hill Public Library.