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Suggested Walking Tours of 'Old Richmond Hill, NY'

Walking Tour Map of Historic Richmond Hill

TOP OF MAP:  Kew Gardens, Metropolitan Avenue is at top, Jackie Robinson Prkwy, and Forest Park is at top left, below park is Park Lane South, Curzon Road, 84th, 85th and Myrtle Aves.
MIDDLE OF MAP: 86th Ave., Jamaica Ave. and Babbage Street intersect at Lefferts Blvd.
BOTTOM OF MAP: South Richmond Hill, Atlantic Avenue, From left to right of map is 102nd Street to 124th Street.
From the Book entitled 'Victorian Richmond Hill'

1. Begin at Park Lane South and Metropolitan Avenue in Kew Gardens. Proceed south along the edge of the park which is Forest Park, an area that becomes ablaze with color in the Fall. At 112th Street, turn left and proceed to 85th Avenue. Turn left and walk a few blocks to the Long Island Railroad trestle. Rest at the small park just beyond the trestle, and return.

2. Begin at Jamaica Avenue and Lefferts Boulevard. Walk north on Lefferts Boulevard, passing the Republican Club and the Richmond Hill Library. Cross Hillside Avenue and continue on Lefferts to 85th Avenue, passing the back of the Church of the Resurrection (first church built in Richmond Hill). Turn left on 85th Avenue, walking as far as Myrtle Avenue. Turn right on Myrtle to 84th Avenue. Walk back to Lefferts Boulevard via 84th Avenue.

3. Begin at the Buddy Monument at Myrtle Avenue and Park Lane South, walk west (crossing Myrtle Avenue) on Park Lane South to 105th Street. Turn left onto 105th Street and proceed to 86th Avenue. Turn left on 86th Avenue and go to 110th Street. Turn left and return to Myrtle Avenue. Turn left and return to monument.

Directions to Richmond Hill, NY by public transportation
IND subway: take E or F train to Union Turnpike. Take Q10 bus to Jamaica Avenue and Lefferts Boulevard or Q37 to Park Lane South.
take the A train to 111th Street and the Q37 bus to Myrtle Avenue / Park Lane South. Or take the A train to Lefferts Boulevard and the Q10 bus to Jamaica Avenue and Lefferts Boulevard.

BMT subway: take the Jamaica Elevated Line ("J") to 121 Street. Walk two blocks to Lefferts Boulevard.

SURFACE transit: take either the B53, B56 or B55 to Lefferts Blvd.

By CAR, Jackie Robinson Parkway to Metropolitan Avenue eastbound Exit and continue to Park Lane South. Turn right and continue to 112 Street. Or take LIE exit at Woodhaven south to Myrtle Ave.

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