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Photo of Richmond Hill Library
This is a photo of The Richmond Hill Library located on the corner of Hillside Ave and Lefferts Blvd. The Building was helped built by Andrew Carnegie.

In 2006, the Richmond Hill Children's Room and Young Adult Area were renovated with a generous gift from Ann Flowers and the White Flowers Foundation "in gratitude to the Richmond Hill Children's Room for one child's never-forgotten love of books and learning."

Visit the Friends of Richmond Hill Library
About the Richmond Hill Library
118-14 Hillside Avenue
Richmond Hill, NY 11418

From the Friends of Richmond Hill Library
The Richmond Hill Library was founded by the Twentieth Century Club on April 8, 1899. It became part of the Queens Borough Public Library in 1901. In 1905, the present Carnegie building was opened for service.
Mural- The 160 foot mural, "The Story of Richmond Hill," was commissioned by the WPA's Federal Art Project and completed in 1936. It was painted by Philip Evergood.
Queensmark Award- In November 1996, the Richmond Hill Library was honored with the Queensmark Award. Established by the Queens Historical Society, the award recognizes structures of outstanding historical and architectural merit throughout Queens.
Rose Garden- The Rose Garden on the grounds of the Richmond Hill Library is a three time winner of the Mayor's Community Beautification Award and was recognized by the American Rose Society.
1999- The library commemorated its 100th Anniversary during a week-long celebration on April 10-16. The Post Office presented a special Postmark in honor of the occasion.

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