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About Richmond Hill High SchoolRichmond Hill High School
Orginial Arista Group- Spring, 1919

Researched and photo courtesy Carl Ballenas
1919 RHHS Arista Group
Photo of the first Arista Group of Richmond Hill High School in 1919

(In picture read left to right)
Yone Moriya
Harriet Armstrong
Jean Dawson (Ulph)
Marjorie Potter
Agnes Buehler
Verne Kober
Janet Maguire
Helen Peck (DeLano)
Mildred Seeley (?)
Sarah Harper (?)
Marie (?) Meyer (perhaps)
Marion Browne
William Richardson
Bernard Meyer
Oliver Jones
George Hunt
Harmon Martin
James Milligan
Clifford Barker
Winfield Weber
Fred Small
Wallace Hoffman
Charles Meehan
Harvey Volkmar