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Image of Albon P. Man
Albon P. Man-
Founder of Richmond Hill

Photo of Alrick Man
Alrick Man-
Son of Albon Man who would develop Kew Gardens
Image of Joel Fowler
Joel Fowler-
Son of Oliver and one of the first Trustees of the Richmond Hill Savings Bank later purchasing part of Richmond Hill with Alrick Man to develop Kew Gardens

Drawings by William Krooss courtesy of Mrs. E. Man Sarcka
Alrick Man Photo courtesy from the book 
     "Kew Gardens: Urban Village in the Big City"
                 by Barry Lewis

Noteworthy People of Richmond Hill, NY
  • Albon P. Man- Founder of Richmond Hill. Select his name for more info on him and his family.
  • Oliver Fowler- Partner of Albon P. Man
  • Alrick Hubbel Man- Son of Albon; First mayor of Richmond Hill, president of family business which developed Richmond Hill and later Kew Gardens
  • Joel Fowler- Son of Oliver, Helped in building Richmond Hill, and later Kew Gardens
  • Capt. Jeremiah Briggs- Early settler before Richmond Hill and prominent land owner. House still stands today. 
  • Jacob Riis- Writer; Riis Park named in his honor.
  • Amelia Edith Barr- Woman's Right Activist and Best-selling author- "Jan Vedder's Wife"- 1885. 
  • Ella Flanders- Started Richmond Hill's Library
  • Dr. William Scovil- 1st doctor of Richmond Hill
  • William Simonson- Funeral Home since 1887
  • Percy L. Crosby- Artist, based his famous comic strip "Skippy" on his life as a boy living in Richmond Hill in the early 1900's.
  • Alfred H. Grebe- Radio Pioneer, born in Richmond Hill in 1895. 
  • Ernest R. Ball- Songwriter; composed "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling", "Mother Macree" in Richmond Hill
  • Col. William A. Jones- Abe Lincoln Appointee
  • Edgar C. Proctor- Pres. McKinley's Secretary
  • Bob Sheppard- Born and raised in Richmond Hill. Public Address Announcer for NY Yankees
  • Joseph E. Schaefer- Received Congressional Medal of Honor
  • Marx Brothers- Comedians; During the 1920's, the Marx Brothers lived on 134th Street. House is still located there with a commemorating plaque.
  • Fred Gretsch, Jr.- Manufacturer, "Gretsch Guitars, Drums..." attended Richmond Hill HS.
  • Abe Beame- New York City's first Jewish mayor also taught at Richmond Hill HS.
  • Phil Rizzuto- Pro Ballplayer- NY Yankees and Sportscaster attended Richmond Hill HS.
  • Jack Lord- Actor, grew up in Richmond Hill, attended SBJL, and John Adams HS
  • Jack Cassidy- Actor, grew up in Richmond Hill
  • Rodney Dangerfield- Comic; real name Cohen; attended Richmond Hill H.S. 
  • Jack Kerouac- 'Beat' Author- wrote "On The Road" while living in Richmond Hill and Ozone Park. 
  • Morton Gould- Nobel Prize for Music 1995, President of ASCAP 1985-1994. 
  • Dave Van Ronk- Folk Singer and Songwriter attended Richmond Hill H.S.
  • Jimmy Breslin- Commentary Pulitzer 1986 Writer & Author born October 30, 1930. New York columnist attended St. Benedict Joseph Labre School in Richmond Hill.
  • Mary Ann Kelly- Author of published book entitled- "The Park Lane South Murder"
  • Jack Maple- NYC Deputy Police Commissioner
  • Cyndi Lauper- Pop Singer and Songwriter attended Richmond Hill H.S.
  • Tom Calabro- Actor, "Melrose Place"
  • Carl Ballenas- Noted Richmond Hill Historian