Richmond Hill Historical Society Richmond Hill Historical Society
Early Photos of Richmond Hill, NY
Photos from "Old Queens, N.Y. in Early Photographs" by Vincent F. Seyfried
courtesy Carl Ballenas Collection
Clarenceville Station Greenwood Avenue Jamaica Plank Road
Clarenceville Station
(Atlantic Ave. & 111th St.)
Greenwood Ave.
(111th St. & Atlantic Ave.)
Plank Rd.
(Jamaica Ave. & Lefferts Blvd)
Johnson Avenue (118th St.) Morris Park Hotel Park Street (117th St.)
Johnson Ave.
(Jamaica Ave. & 118th St.)
Morris Park Hotel
(Atlantic Ave. & Lefferts Blvd.)
Park Street
(Myrtle Ave. & 117th St.)

List of Former Street Names / Real Estate Map 1905 / History of Jamaica Avenue

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