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Photo of Marx Brothers Home in Richmond Hill
Photo of the Marx Brothers House in Richmond Hill
by Nancy Cataldi ©2003

The Marx family lived at this home on what is now 89th Avenue and 134th Street (87-48 134th Street) during the 1920's. The boys were known for such comic film classics as Coconuts, Horse Feathers, A Night at the Opera, and A Day at the Races. The house now bears a plaque donated by the Native New Yorkers' Historical Association. This house is also featured during the East Richmond Hill Walking Tour sponsored by the Richmond Hill Historical Society.

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    About the Marx Brothers

    "Legendary Comics lived in Richmond Hill during the 1920's"

    Brothers born in New York City late 1880's thru early 1900's.

    Publicity photo of Marx Brothers
    (From left: Groucho, Harpo, Zeppo, and Chico)
    Picture from E-GO magazine / Rick Sinchak Collection of Immortal Screen Autographs

    After many years struggling in New York City and traveling in Vaudeville as stage performers, the Marx Brothers finally began to gain popular success with their Broadway show performances. During this time in the early 1920's, the Marx Brothers family settled and lived in Richmond Hill.
    But all would change with the popular acclaim they received for their show "Coconuts". Hollywood with the popular appeal of their show "Coconuts". For more information on the Marx Brothers, please visit these websites:

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