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Photo of Alrick Man
Photo of Alrick Man
Photo courtesy from the book
"Kew Gardens: Urban Village in the Big City" 
by Barry Lewis

Like Father, Like Son
First there was Albon Man, founder of Richmond Hill. Then Oliver Fowler to help in the early development. Both men have sons that not only continue to develop Richmond Hill but go on their own to develop Kew Gardens. 
Joel Fowler was one of the first Trustees of the Richmond Hill Savings Bank and would later purchase part of northern Richmond Hill which was then the Golf and Tennis Club of Richmond Hill with Alrick Man, son of Albon Man, to develop a new community that they would name Kew Gardens.

In 1912 Mr. Man became president of the Kew Gardens Corporation, a position he held at his death. From 1913 to 1916 he was a member of the Zoning Commission of the City of New York. He was always vitally interested in the work of the Boy Scouts of America and in 1915 he was made president of the Queens Council of the Boy Scouts of America, an office from which he retired in 1930. In 1915 he was also elected president of the Federation of the Councils of Greater New York, holding this office until 1918. In 1920 the Boy Scout Foundation of Greater New York was formed with Franklin D. Roosevelt as chairman and Mr. Man was a member of its board until his death.

Alrick H. Man was a devotee of chess, and in 1921 he was one of the founders of the Marshall Chess Club. He was elected president, and held this position until he resigned and was elected President Emeritus a month before his death.

Mr. Man's interest in genealogy evidenced itself early. He had the true genealogist's flair for the work, and would not admit anything into his manuscripts until it has been thoroughly proven. It is to be hoped that the genealogy to which he devoted so much of his time and labor will be published. When only 22 years of age, on Dec. 24, 1880, Mr. Man became a member of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society, and was, as has been said, the second oldest member of the Society at his death. He was Recording Secretary from 1882 to 1884, and a member of the Executive Committee in 1883 and 1884. He contributed generously to the needs of the Society, and on Dec. 9, 1892, was elected a Life Member. In 1924 he was elected a member of the Board of Trustees of the Society, and the following year was made Registrar of Pedigrees, both of which positions he held at his death. On March 23, 1933, the Board of Trustees elected Mr. Man a Fellow of the Society, in recognition of his many services. The resolutions passed at that time will be found in the RECORD for July, 1933. (Vol. 64, p. 305.)

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    About Alrick Man, 1858-1934
    Developer of Richmond Hill and
    Kew Gardens Communities


    Researched by Carl Ballenas

    Alrick Hubbell Man, Fellow, Trustee and Life Member of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society, and its second oldest living member, died at his home, 83-45 118th Street, Kew Gardens, Long Island, New York, on May 18th, 1934. Funeral services were held at the Church of the Resurrection, Richmond Hill, Long Island, on May 21st, 1934, and the interment took place at Greenwood Cemetery.

    Mr. Man was born in New York City on May 4th, 1858, a son of Albon Platt Man and his second wife Mary Elizabeth Hubbell. His father was a son of Dr. Albon Man of Westville, Franklin Co., N.Y., and Maria Platt; his mother was a daughter of Alrick Hubbell and Laura Eliza Squire. He was descended in the direct male line from William Man who emigrated from England in 1634 and settled at Cambridge, Mass.

    He was graduated from the City College in 1877 with the degree of A.B., and from Columbia Law School in 1879 with the degree of LL.B. That same year he went into practice with his father’s firm, Man and Parsons, and was with this firm until it dissolved in 1884. He then formed a partnership with Charles C. Protheroe, and at his death was a member of the firm of Man and Man.

    It would be almost impossible to enumerate all the positions of responsibility and trust held by Mr. Man during his life time. From 1885 to 1897 he was president of the New York and Sea Beach Railway Company; from 1891 to 1894 he was president of the Richmond Hill School District, and from 1894 to 1896 was president of the Village of Richmond Hill. From 1902 to 1915 he was a member of the Board of Education of New York City, and during the same years was chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Normal College of the City of New York, now Hunter College. In the New York “Evening Sun” for May 23, 1934, Mr. Henry T. Fleck paid a tribute to Mr. Man, for his services at Hunter College. “He transformed its affairs, system of studies and indeed, the whole college itself lifting it to broader responsibilities and possibilities. No other living or single agent has done so much to bless and improve a public institution as Alrick H. Man, a gentleman of high intellectual powers and devotion to lofty ideals.”

    Alrick H. Man was also a member of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York, the Calumet Club, the Downtown Association, the Adirondack League Club and the Kew Gardens Country Club. He was a member of Phi Beta Kappa, a distinction accorded him years after graduation, as much in recognition of his accomplishments and public service after completing his college course as in reward of his devotion to and excellence in his studies as an undergraduate.

    On October 28, 1891, Mr. Man married Lucy Edwards Russell. He is survived by his widow, and three children, Alrick Hubbell Man, Jr., Mary Elizabeth Man, now Mrs. Wayne A. Sarcka and James Nelson Man. A brother, Arthur Man, also survives him.