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Amelia Edith Barr

(Courtesy the Lucy Ballenas Collection)

Read the following Newspaper Articles from the Richmond Hill Record during the years of 1914-1919. Researched by Historian Carl Ballenas, these Articles prove testament to the remarkable literary life of Author/Novelist Amelia Edith Barr who resided in Richmond Hill.

Some other works of Amelia Edith Barr 
All the Days of My Life: An Autobiography - 1913 D. Appleton and Company 
Quotation: "Old age is the verdict of life" 
- from All the Days of My Life
About Amelia Edith Barr- Best Selling Author
Celebrated Resident of Richmond Hill

Born in Yorkshire, England 1831
Died in New York 1919

"Remember the Alamo"

Researched by Historian Carl Ballenas

A noted novelist of more than 70 books, Barr was born in England in 1831. She married Robert Barr in 1850. They moved to America with their children and settled in Austin, Texas, where Barr became secretary to General Sam Houston. In 1867, her husband and two sons died of yellow fever. Moving to New York with her three daughters, $5, and faith in God, she started a new life. After struggling for years, in 1884, at the age of 53, she published her first novel, Jan Vedder's Wife, which was an immediate success.  In her later years and still prolific, she moved to Richmond Hill, NY in 1914. She died in 1919.

A great advocate of Women's Rights, she was one of the earliest activists who campaigned for equal pay for women who performed equal jobs as men. Amelia Huddleston was born in Yorkshire England, lived in Scotland with her husband John Barr, and after his bankruptcy went to New York. From there they went to Chicago and finally Texas, where she survived the Galveston hurricane. She moved to New York and began writing for publication in about 1870, writing poems, essays, and novels. Of her 42 published novels, she is best remembered today for Remember the Alamo

Remember The Alamo

(Photo of Fort Alamo)