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Richmond Hill Block AssociationThe Richmond Hill Block Association

The following is a personal account on the beginning of the Richmond Hill Block Association
by Richard Galvani, fist acting president in 1973

 The first meeting, creating the R.H.B.A., was held at the Democratic Club, 114-07 Jamaica Ave. on October 14, 1973. At this time the Big Issue of the day was Block-Busting. As a Home Owner & Business Owner, in the community, I could see the need of a Block Association.
Six months prior to the initial meeting, with my good friend Donald De Luca, we visited and talked with other Block Associations. I printed up flyers and called the local newspaper, and that October 14, 1973, what we all know now was the beginning of the R.H.B.A.

At that meeting, I was elected or appointed, which ever term you wish to use, to lead as President and Donald De Luca, was to be Vice President. Soon after that meeting, I contacted other community minded people who were involved with community affairs. There was Mr. Ben Parks, Mrs. Pat Mc Hugh, and Mr. & Mrs. Borgalis. The above persons were the original Board of Directors of the R.H.B.A. Also, most of the above persons signed the original R.H.B.A. Charter filed with the State of New York.

These were the people that made the R.H.B.A., possible and helped make the R.H.B.A., for what it is today. My only aim was to get the R.H.B.A., off and running, which I did, and successfully, and in which before leaving, appointed Tom Pugilese to succeed me.
The reason that I stepped down as President was to run for Public Office as I had stated my intentions from the very first meeting. My only aim was to get the R.H.B.A., off and running, which I did and successfully.

After I left the R.H.B.A., I spent the next 18 years representing Richmond Hill, as a member of Planing Board #9. 

Sincerely, Richard J. Galvani

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