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Columbia Fire House 1910

Image: Postcard (early 1900's) of Engine Company No. 170, New York Fire Department, Richmond Hill, L.I.
(Courtesy Nancy Cataldi)

Columbia Fire House 1910

This photo was taken in 1910 showing the Fire House 
(Courtesy Carl Ballenas)

About the
The Columbia Fire House serviced the early community of Richmond Hill and Morris Park. Amazingly, this building is still located on same spot today but is unoccupied and in need of repair. The building was a warehouse or factory for many years after the firehouse was closed. This building is across the street from the garage of the Richmond Hill P.O. 11418 
The address is 
86-38 122nd Street
Richmond Hill, NY 11418

The following article on the Columbia Firehouse is an excerpt from the book, "Images of America: Richmond Hill",
by Nancy Cataldi and Carl Ballenas

The Columbia Fire Department, was organized in 1893, and manned by volunteers. The original wooden firehouse was located on the west side of Willow (122nd) Street between Jamaica and Hillside Avenues. The brick building was erected in 1902.

Before telephones, a whistle would alert the volunteers. The first volunteer to arrive at the firehouse took hold of the hose cart and dragged it out. Others would hold on while the cart was driven the shortest route to the fire, through farmland and backyards, trampling over flowerbeds.

Engine Company No. 170 was formerly the Columbia Fire Department and the Richmond Hill Exempt Volunteer Fireman's Association was considered one of the best organizations in the country.